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Depending on the tree service company you choose, the price for tree removal may be dictated or influenced by supply and demand. Just like other commodities or services in the market, some tree removal companies may offer lower prices during the winter as not many people need tree removal services.

In some cases, it may be cheaper to cut trees in the winter. The dormant season is also a good time to prune trees if you want to keep them healthy. December to early March seems to have the lowest tree removal rates over the whole year. Tree companies are ready to offer reduced prices so that they can get a steady flow of business. Sometimes it is possible to save 25 percent off the price of tree removal when getting it done in the winter.

Regardless of the season, if a tree is at risk of falling over because of a storm or strong winds, the property owner should have it removed as soon as possible. The same goes for trees that are diseased, pest-ridden, dying, or already dead. These trees pose a threat to everyone and everything surrounding them.

If these trees fall, they could cause severe injuries or they could damage properties and destroy structures, such as your neighbor’s fence.

Removing trees in the winter may be more convenient because all the leaves have fallen off. But most tree companies, such as Traverse City Roofings offer tree removal all year-round, so the timing isn’t always important.

The price for removing a tree depends on a number of factors such as the health of the tree, its size, and location. Healthy trees are harder to remove because they are sturdy, unlike diseased trees. Larger trees are also harder to remove. Lastly, the location of the tree matters, but more specifically, its ease of access determines whether or not it is easy to remove. It is near power lines or houses, then they might be trickier to remove without causing any damage.

An arborist will assess the tree’s condition before giving an estimate. With Traverse City Roofings, homeowners can get a free estimate within hours. So while there is no hard and fast formula to decide the price, tree companies like Traverse City Roofings are known for their upfront and affordable pricing.

Cutting down large trees is no easy task. This is why it’s important to hire a professional.
Traverse City Roofings is known for its high-quality customer service: certified arborists will not trade speed for efficiency. With their tools, experience, and skills, they can get the job done properly.

Traverse City Roofings offers a superior level of service that is not only more affordable but more reliable than any other tree service provider out there. This company is locally owned and operated, and they care about their fellow neighbors.

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