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Trees are known to increase a property’s value—any real estate agent will tell you this. A healthy, well-maintained tree makes any home look so much nicer, especially if it is well-maintained.

Trees add value because they make properties look more unique, making the house stand out from a row of identical houses, for example. They also provide a bit of privacy. Not to mention the shade and fresh air they provide. Trees make the environment around them healthier—it’s not just there to make the house prettier.

But the other way around is also true: sometimes removing a tree is actually beneficial. There are trees that need to be removed from the property, or else it puts everything else in danger. Not every tree is right for your property.

If a tree is dying or already dead, then it needs to be removed. That is because dead trees pose a serious threat to anyone who comes near them. These trees are no longer stable. If there’s a storm, it can suddenly fall on someone and cause serious injuries—or even death. And even if there is no one around to get hurt, these trees can still come down and damage properties or power lines, causing major headaches for everyone in the neighborhood.

In terms of aesthetics, dead trees are also a bit of an eyesore. Sometimes a tree’s problems aren’t readily apparent, especially to homeowners that don’t know much about tree health. But arborists can spot these issues instantly. A tree assessment can go a long way and help you avoid problems before they become too big to deal with.

A tree with root rot, for instance, needs to be removed. Some trees may be rotting away at the roots—most property owners wouldn’t even notice. Take a look at the ground and see if there are fungus growing around the base—this is one sign that rot has set in. Raised and broken soil is another sign. These trees are not as stable as they appear.

Similarly, you should consider removing trees that are too close to your property, or has grown too close to it. For the same reason as removing dead trees, these overgrown trees pose a threat to the people living around them.

During a storm, it could be knocked into the home itself, causing damage. If something like this does happen, Traverse City Roofings offers emergency tree removal services as well as tarp installation.

Trees with split trunks are less stable than trees with one truck. If they encounter high winds they will be less able to cope with the strain. This means they are more likely to fall.

Keep in mind that not all trees with problems have to be removed. Sometimes it’s just a matter of corrective pruning or trimming, and the tree can be all set to repair itself properly. But if a tree is problematic and the arborists think it’s best to remove them, your property’s value can actually increase.

For these scenarios where tree removal is necessary, hiring a professional is important. Tree removal is a big task that requires state of the art equipment and the safest techniques in the industry. Traverse City Roofings is well-known for their upfront pricing and high-quality customer service. Homeowners can get a free estimate within hours.

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