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After a tree removal job, many homeowners wonder what happens to the wood after the tree service company leaves their property. The most common question is “do tree removal companies sell the wood?”

The answer is it depends. If the project involves removing rotted, diseased, or damaged limbs or trees, most softwood along with the scrap that gets chipped on site is typically hauled to a processing plant. These will be made into mulch. An alternative is sending it off to a mill to be turned into paper pulp.

Property owners occasionally request to have the wood chips deposited right on the property. But more frequently, the wood chips and mulch are donated to various local communities for use in public spaces for trails or erosion control. Sometimes volunteers request these materials to be donated for playgrounds, daycare centers, and schools. So this means even these poor quality branches and limbs can be recycled and made into something beneficial to the community.

As for the pieces of wood that are in better shape, there are also a few places they could go. Some homeowners ask to have the tree service provider to leave some of the hardwood behind. These are homeowners who are looking for an alternative, sustainable fuels for heating their homes. The logs could be used as firewood.

The tree service company will then remove leaves, branches, and limbs that are diseased and damaged, in order to leave behind the rest in manageable sections for the homeowner to cut and split to size when they need it. Homeowners like to keep the remaining hardwood for themselves, for a friend, for their neighbors, or their family members to use. Traverse City Roofings will make sure that the wood left behind are inspected and proven to be sound.

All the other hardwood not kept by the property owner will be hauled away by the tree service provider. It can be brought back to the shop and processed into firewood that can then be sold to private and commercial customers. Hardwood can be processed into many different things. So a tree removal job is a great opportunity to recycle and repurpose large amounts of wood.

Contact Traverse City Roofings and let them help remove problematic trees in the yard safely. Not only will homeowners save money and time, but they will also save a lot of energy because certified arborists can get the job done quickly and efficiently. These tree removal experts are also equipped with state of the art equipment and use only the safest practices in the industry.
Tree removal can be tricky and even dangerous. If it’s done by someone without experience, skills, or the right tools, it could result in property damage or even personal injury. It requires years of specialized training and discipline. Do not take your chances: work with the professionals.

Traverse City Roofings is known for its upfront pricing and high-quality customer service. Property owners can get a free estimate within hours. This tree service company also offers a wide range of tree-related services ranging from stump grinding to emergency tree removal. Traverse City Roofings at 855-212-1464 today!

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