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To the average homeowner, there is little difference between arborists and landscapers. While they both perform a wide range of yard work, they are not necessarily the same. Therefore tree removal is technically not considered landscaping.
It actually matters a lot which one you hire, because these experts have different specializations, skills, and knowledge.
Arboriculture and landscaping are very unique professions. Homeowners aren’t usually aware of this fact. Landscapers are not always equipped to handle the more dangerous aspects of tree work, including the monumental task of tree removal. Therefore, choosing a landscaper over an arborist for this type of work can lead to safety hazards.

Peter Gerstenberger, Senior Advisor to the President for Safety, Standards, and Compliance at TCIA, says: “Traditional landscaping tasks include landscape and hardscape installation, lawn care, lawn irrigation installation and maintenance, mulching, garden bed preparation and maintenance and sometimes shrub pruning.” “Arboriculture, on the other hand, involves caring for mature trees, tree removal, pruning, cabling, stump grinding, and more,” he explained.

The distinction is important because a landscaper is not necessarily equipped with the training and the tools needed to perform arboricultural operations safely. This means the landscape contractor may be overextending himself, and it could lead to damage to the homeowner’s property. This is particularly troublesome if the contractor doesn’t carry liability insurance and ends up damaging the property.

Professional arborists are focused on tree care and are trained to carry out different tasks related to it. They also have the right tools for the job. Traverse City Roofings, for example, has a team of certified arborists who use nothing but the safest methods in the industry to get the job done safely and effectively.

Not only can they handle dangerous equipment such as chainsaws and chippers, but they are also knowledgeable of tree health. They know how trees will fall; they know which trees are at risk of falling, and they know what to do in order to prevent accidents.

Reputable tree care companies adhere to pruning standards. They carry liability insurance and understand the importance of standardized safety practices on the job site. “Consider the scope of the work that needs to be done, and match it to the scope of services offered by the company you’re hiring,” Gerstenberger said.

If the lawn needs an aesthetic overhaul by someone knowledgeable in horticulture, then a landscaping company is the right choice. But if trees are looking unhealthy or dangerous, it is time to call a tree service provider such as Traverse City Roofings. It is also possible to hire both types of experts in order to get the best results. They can work together towards transforming the yard the way you want it.

Traverse City Roofings is known for its upfront pricing and high-quality customer service. They offer a wide array of tree-related services from tree removal to stump grinding. Property owners can get a free estimate within an hour. Contact Traverse City Roofings at 855-212-1464 today!

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