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If a tree on your property is starting to lean a little too far into your neighbor’s personal space, you might want to consider trimming it or removing the tree entirely. If you are beginning a new construction project and there is a tree in the way, you’re gonna have to call a tree removal expert like Traverse City Roofings.

There are many different reasons why you might want to get a tree removed from your property. It may be diseased, rotted, dying, or already dead. A tree that poses a health or safety hazard should be removed for the sake of the people living near it. Tree removal can help avoid sickness or injury. It can also prevent structural and property damage, both of which can prove to be costly.

Many homeowners decide to hire a tree service provider and then wonder if the tree removal service actually includes stump removal. It is helpful to know what exactly the term ‘tree removal’ entails.

Most of the time, tree removal just means cutting down a tree. This means a lot of tree service providers will not remove the stump. Stump removal is generally considered a separate service because of how much effort it takes. And so homeowners should expect stump removal to be an extra service that is an additional cost to the total price of tree removal.

There aren’t a lot of tree service providers that offer tree removal and stump grinding as just one service. It often comes as a package. With that in mind, there are instances wherein homeowners just need to have some stumps removed from their property.

Tree removal and stump grinding as a package will certainly cost more. It helps if you could ask your tree service provider ahead of time if their tree removal service includes stump grinding. Tree service companies have different prices, so it can vary widely. This is why the answer isn’t so cut and dry.

In fact, it gets even trickier if we consider the fact that stump grinding and stump removal are two different services. In cases where the homeowner wants to eliminate the stumps, they are gonna have to choose between the two.

Stump grinding removes the top part of the stump but does not eliminate the roots. This means they could grow back eventually. This is good if the homeowner is planning to grow more trees after a while. Stump removal is the complete eradication of the stump, including the roots. The arborist will cut up the roots so that it would not result in new growth. This is the better option for property owners with construction plans. Stump grinding and stump removal might cost a bit differently. Again, it’s a matter of which tree service provider you are working with.

When it comes to Traverse City Roofings, homeowners can expect high-quality customer service and upfront pricing. In fact, homeowners can get a free estimate in a matter of hours. The prices may vary depending on a case-to-case basis, but Joel is known for cost efficiency. The team of certified arborists is equipped with state of the art equipment. They also use nothing but the safest techniques in the industry. So whether you want the stump removed or not, you can rely on Traverse City Roofings to get the job done.

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