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When it comes to property management and lawn care, it’s common to hear about homeowners removing tree stumps. But many property owners wonder if this is really necessary. Before hiring a tree service provider to remove stumps in the yard, it is important to know exactly what it is for.

The three most important factors to consider when deciding to remove stumps are the following: the aesthetics of the home, the health of existing flora, and the safety of loved ones.

Tree stumps are unsightly. Stumps make any beautiful yard look shabby. For homeowners who want to improve the look of their yard quickly, tree stump removal can go a long way. And if the owner wants to sell the property, removing these stumps can help make it as presentable as possible.

By removing stumps and freeing up some space in the yard, new growth can be nurtured and new construction projects are made possible. Owners can replace the stumps with more interesting or aesthetically pleasing features. It is even possible to grow a new tree.

Stump removal is necessary for yards that are looking a little unkempt. Additionally, stumps also pose a health risk for the people living in the property and near it. Tree stumps can spread decay and invite unwanted species into the yard. Termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and many other wood-boring insects are particularly fond of tree stumps.

Once the stump has been infected, it can spread to healthy trees or shrubs on the lawn. It can even infect the wood in the home, causing a much greater risk.

A tree stump can also grow fungi, which is dangerous for small children as well as pets. The best way to avoid these problems is to get the entire stump removed. This prevents decay, mold, or infected wood from spreading. The yard’s health is at stake.
If the homeowner has children, particularly younger children, then stumps pose an even bigger threat. Playtime in the yard can be significantly impacted by existing stumps on the property. Running children may trip over a stump or tree roots and get injured.

Removing the stump is a great way to eliminate these unsightly obstacles and potential health hazards. While most homeowners would opt to rent a stump grinder and do it themselves, it is a much better idea to leave this to the professionals. Spending money to rent a stump grinder, and then also spending time, energy, and effort to remove a stump is not worth the trouble. Hiring a reliable tree service provider such as Traverse City Roofing is easier, more affordable, and simply more efficient.

Trained arborists know exactly what they are doing. They can remove a stump entirely to make sure that it would not grow back. Homeowners can just relax or do other important things while Traverse City Roofings takes care of the stumps.
Hiring a professional is also the right way to go if there are multiple stumps in the yard that need to be removed. Attempting this without training or experience can be very exhausting—and the stumps might not even be removed entirely.

Stump removal involves removing the stump including the root so that it would not grow back. Traverse City Roofings will have the yard looking pristine in no time. This company uses state-of-the-art equipment and only the safest, most effective practices in the industry.

Traverse City Roofings is upfront and honest about their prices. Property owners can get a free estimate within hours. Contact Traverse City Roofings today.

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