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When it comes to tree stump removal, some homeowners consider taking the DIY approach. Do-it-yourself tree stump removal can work—but this is only if the homeowner knows what they are doing. They need to have some experience and knowledge when it comes to stump removal. Otherwise, it might not be worth the time, effort, and money.

Instead of renting a stump grinder and taking on this task alone, property owners should invest this money on a tree service provider like Traverse City Roofings. A team of certified arborists can get the job done more quickly and more efficiently.

But for those who really want to try doing it themselves, there are a few options to consider: digging out the stump and grinding the stump. Some people will say burning the stump is another method, but because it is not good for the environment, and is actually risky for the people and plants living around the stump, it is not a good idea. In fact, burning stumps is even illegal in some states and areas.

So the two most viable methods of eliminating those pesky stumps are stump removal and stump grinding.

Stump grinding is done with a stump grinder. It is a machine that is designed to grind out the stump into the ground. The stump grinder can reduce a stump to a depth of about a foot beneath the ground. Stump grinders can be rented from machine rental houses by the day. However, operating this machine is not a walk in the park. If the property owner is determined to do it alone, they should be sure to wear gloves, goggles, ear protectors, and other equipment to make sure they are safe.

Position the stump grinder over the stump and start grinding. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Position the grinder and turn it on. The machine should grind the stump’s surface and then work its way down into the ground to grind up the roots. Shovel out the grindings afterward so that the ground can repair itself more quickly. Put the grindings in a compost pile or dispose of it in another way. Hiring a professional ensures that this is done safely and effectively. Contact Traverse City Roofings and learn more about their stump grinding services.

Digging out the stump, also known as stump removal, involves removing the stump as well as the root system to make sure that it does not grow back after a few years. Digging around the roots with a shovel can be difficult, not to mention exhausting. But DIY homeowners should continue digging until they have exposed all of the largest roots around the tree. Dig deep on either side of the roots to expose them as much as possible.

Keep in mind that the digging method works best when the roots can be exposed to their tips. If the roots seem large and deep, it might be easier to use a stump grinder instead. After digging, cutting the roots is important. Use loppers or a root saw to cut them into pieces. Pull roots out of the ground when possible. Put the cut-up roots into a compost pile to clear away as much of the root system as possible.

Using an ax to cut the roots is not recommended, although it is possible. It can end up stuck between roots if they are not completely exposed. Tree stump removal is challenging. It gets even trickier if there are multiple stumps to be removed. Contact Traverse City Roofings and get a free estimate within hours. The team will get the job done using state of the art equipment and the safest techniques in the industry.

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